Turkey will host the European Youth Winter Olympic Festival for the first time in 2017. And Erzurum’s skiing centers are waiting for the young athletes around the Europe.

As the city counts down the days, Turkish Alpine Skiing Team’s coach Serhat Aktaş talked about the final preparations.

Aktaş said that Turkey will be represented by four girls and four boys at the EYOF 2017. These athletes selected in December and since then, they have been training for the upcoming event.

Aktaş said that winter sports are considerably new in Turkey but they are begging to get more popular: “With the help from our government, we are doing our best to keep up.”

 “Everything is ready for the event”

Aktaş also talked about how this organisation will help to improve tourism in Erzurum and added: “thanks to the EYOF 2017, they are more hopeful about the future.”

Aktaş reminded that Turkey had the chance to host this event after Bosnia Herzegovina couldn’t finish the preparations: “EYOF is big event and it well help us in so many different ways. We didn’t have so much to prepare but we did our best. Right now everything is ready. Facilities, athletes and etc.

“Slalom race will take place at night”

“Thanks to the artificial snow and lights around the track, you can ski at night at Palandöken Ski Center. We plan to hold the slalom race at night which will be a first in Europe. “

Also Paladöken Ski Center is really close to city center. It’s 30 minutes’ drive from the airport, 20 from the bus station and 15 from the train station. In terms of being close to city, Palandöken is one of the best in Turkey and in Europe as well. This is an advantage for those who want to ski.”




Serhat Aktaş, Turkish Alpine Skiing Team’s coach, said that thanks to the EYOF 2017, they are more hopeful about the future.