Competitions are continuing at full tilt. Kristana Kuskova of Russian Federation won the girls’ competition which was started at 10.30 with the time of 19:13.3.

Kuskova’s compatriot Elena Kucheva followed her with the time of 19.23.5. The third place went to Josefiina Book with the time of 19.34.6 in Girls' 7.5km Individual Free.

The programme of Boys' 10km Individual Free started at 12.00 local time. Russian Nekrasov took the first place with the time of 21:37.3, the second place is taken by Finn Petteri Koivisto with the time of 22:10.7. The third place went to Russian Andrei Kuznetsov with the time of 22:13.9 at the difficult track.

Here are the results of Turkish athletes: Yunus Emre Fırat 23rd, Yusuf Keser 26th, Hamit Tarık Aydın 29th, Fırat Kurnaz 37th.

Here are the Top 10 places:





Kristina Kuskova won the Girls' 7.5km Individual Free competition and Russian Andrei Nekrasov won the Boys' 10km Individual Free competition at European Youth Olympic Winter Festival.