Turkish athletes are continuing their preparations for EYOF, which will young athletes ranging between the ages from 14 to 18 compete, will take place between the dates from 11 to 18 February.

Ekin Saygı and Başar Oktar will represent Turkey in figure skating at EYOF 2017 Erzurum. Both of the two athletes who will compete in figure skating competitions at short programme on 13 -14 February aim to be on the podium.

She comes from a sportsman family

Ekin Saygı who became Turkey’s champion many times in her career and she admired her elder sister to start figure skating.

16yr old national athlete stated that her mother is also a former national athlete and she has been supported by her family so much and added “My elder sister is an athlete and ice skater. My mother was a former national volleyball athlete and used to love watching ice skating and made my elder sister start ice skating. I aspire my elder sister and started to do that sport also. Since the day I started my family have supported me and they back me up. Probably they did not think that I will skate seriously but they supported me anyway when they see that I love it.”

 “EYOF is an opportunity for me”

Ekin Saygı who stated that Russian athletes will be the most challenging rivals at EYOF 2017 and added “We have worked strictly throughout the year. We went many camps abroad. We went to training after school. It was tiring but joyful. EYOF is an opportunity for me. There are very big organizations. They are organizing yearly but EYOF is an event which is organizing biennially. So, I feel myself lucky.”

 “I want to an Olympic athlete”

National athlete emphasized that her most significant feature is to skate said that she loves skating and when she gets on the rink and show that, she puts a well performance.

Ekin Saygı stated that her idol is Russian figure skater Evgenia Medvedeva and added “My long term goal is to get in the Olympics. I would like to taste the Olympic feelings and be an Olympic athlete. Sociology department would be nice to study at university.”

Started sport at a Mall

Başar Oktar one of the athletes who will represent Turkey at the category of boys in ice skating said that he started this sport at the age of 6. He is the only athlete in his family and feels the support of them always.

14yr old national athlete stated that he started skating at a mall for fun added that “I started it at a mall for fun. Then my teacher wanted me to start this sport. So, I started it that way. At first, we didn’t take it seriously but after a couple years this sport became serious. I am still continuing my trainings.”

Başar Oktar: My ultimate goal is to be on the podium

Başar stated that they are passing through intense working process and added “preparations are going well. There are some improvements. We are working hard in terms of snow and ice. My ultimate goal is to be on the podium. It is a great honour to represent my country.”

14yr old athlete stated he is ambitious when he gets on the ice rink and when he controls it he believes that he becomes successful and added “When I am skating, I feel myself freer and happier. EYOF and my family is at Erzurum and it will motivate me. It’ll be big advantage for us.”

Başar Oktar stated that his idol is Russian Olympic champion Yevgeni Pluşenko and he also affected Başar to start that sport. Also his biggest goal is to attain Olympics.

Nellya Akbulut: I am satisfied with our athletes

Nellya, the coach of Turkish national team stated that she has been in Turkey for many years and there has been an extreme progress in figure skating in recent years.

Akbulut stated that she started very early the trainings for EYOF 2017 and added “Out athletes are working hard. We came Erzurum a week earlier. Since the venue is ours, we wanted to be more ready. I am satisfied with our athletes. We are also supported by our federation and I thank for that.”

Coach Nellya Akbulut stated both of the athletes prepared well but everything is depended on their performance and added “If we get well performance everything could happen. We can get a medal”



Turkish national athletes Ekin Saygı and Başar Oktar who will represent Turkey in figure skating at European Youth Olympic Winter Festival stated that they feel themselves lucky to compete at EYOF and want to be at the podium.