The excitement of curling competitions continuing at 2017 European Youth Winter Festival at full tilt. Fourth day’s competitions hosted in Curling Arena witnessed the exciting competitions.

Turkey defeated Russia

Competitions started at 09.00 local time. A tight race happened between Russia and Turkey. Turkey got ahead with 1 point that they gained in the first end but at the end of the third end, Russia got lead with 3-1. Turkey got lead back after and defeat Russia with the score of 6-4.

Easy win for Poland

Another match of the day in the category of girls was between Poland and Turkey’s B team. In the competition which Poland was ahead from the first end Turkey’s B team scored only 3 points. Poland overcame Turkey’s B team with the score of 10-3.

Semifinal Match-ups

Semifinal match-ups are determined after the girls’ curling games in the morning. Poland and Turkey will compete at 09.00 local time tomorrow. The Other semifinal match will be between Russia and Norway.




Turkey defeated Russia with the score of 6-4. On the other side, Turkey’s B team was defeated to Poland with the score of 10-3.