French athlete Thomas Briffaz, who completed the Boys' 7.5km Sprint on 4th place yesterday, missed two shots  but he managed complete the race with the time of 28:45.9 and took the first place. Jason Drezet, his compatriot, followed Briffaz and completed the race 3 seconds behind.

Andrei Viukhin who completed the competition just after two split second than Drezet took the third place.

Viukhin said after the competition that ups and downs of the hills were difficult but he competed well and the important thing for him was to win a medal.

French athlete Thomas Briffaz who completed the race in the first place stated that EYOF which is organized in Erzurum is a successful event and he is very happy to win this race here.

Secretary General of EOC Raffaele Pagnozzi was one of the spectators who were watching the race. Pagnozzi stated that the organization is well prepared and all the precautions were taken the high level.

Cihad Demir, who represented Turkey, missed two shots and completed the race in 37th place.

Here are the results of other Turkish athletes: Okan Alalma 36th, Hayri Yaşar 45th, Adem Ataş 47th.



Thomas Briffaz became the gold medallist of the Biathlon Boys' 10km Pursuit at 2017 European Olympic Winter Festival.