Alex Vinatzer of Italy passed all the gates without a problem and performed almost flawlessly in Boys’ SL competitions. Italian athlete reached the finish line with the time of 52.04. Croatian athlete Leon Nikic came after him with the time of 54.03. Augustin Bianchini of France was the one completed the run in the third place with the time of 54.08 in Boys' Slalom Run 1.

The ranking did not change after the second run. Alex Vinatzer from Italy reached the final line with the time of 48.73 and 1:40.77 was his time in total. Croatian Leon Nikic keep his second place and finalized the race with the time of 1:44.19 in total. French Augustin Bianchini supported well by his team during the competitions and completed the race with the same time as Nikic but finished in third place.

Berkin Usta representing Turkey is the one who took the best place among Turkish athletes. Usta completed the race with the time of 58.52 in the first run took the 24th place, in the second run he promoted to the 20th place with his performance. Ayhan Aybaran Ocak the other representative of Turkey completed the race with the time of 2:05.13 in total and took the 30th place. Kaan Samgül who performed well in the first run couldn’t able to complete the race due to his fall near to finish line.



Alpine skiing athletes are continuing their exciting competitions in the last days of 2017 European Youth Olympic Winter Festival (EYOF).