Russia dominated cross country skiing races and won both girls’ and boys’ competition. Finland also had a successful day in cross country skiing with silver in boys’ and a bronze in girls’ competition.

Slovenia and France finished the day with three medals each in ski jumping. Timi Zajc of Slovenia won the gold in mens’ side. Slovenian girls Nika Kriznar and Katra Komar won silver and bronze medals. France got the gold in girls’ competition with Romane Dieu and silver and bronze with Jonathan Learoyd and Mathis Contamine.

Alex Vinatzer of Italy won the giant slalom in Alpine skiing. Finnish athlete Turo Torvinen won the silver medal and another Italian Giovanni Zazzaro finished the race in third place.

Other results of the day:

Alp Skiing Giant Slalom (Boys)
1- Alex Vinatzer (Italy)
2- Turo Torvinen (Finland)
3- Giovanni Zazzaro (Italy)

Biathlon 7,5km Sprint (Boys)
1- Viteazslav Hornig (Czech Republic)
2- Kristo Siimer (Estonia)
3- Mikhail Pervushin (Russia)

Biathlon 6km Sprint (Girls)
1- Camille Bened (France)
2- Khrystyna Dmytrenko (Ukraine)
3- Anastasia Shevchenko (Russia)

Cross Country Skiing 7,5km (Girls)
1- Kristina Kuskova (Russia)
2- Elena Kucheva (Russia)
3- Josefiina Book (Finland)

Cross Country Skiing 10km (Boys)
1- Andrei Nekrasov (Russia)
2- Petteri Koivisto (Finland)
3- Andrei Kuznetsov (Russia)

Ski Jumping (Girls)
1- Romane Dieu (France)
2- Nika Kriznar (Slovenia)
3- Katra Komar (Slovenia)

Ski Jumping (Boys)
1- Timi Zajc (Slovenia)
2- Jonathan Learoyd (France)
3- Mathis Contamine (France)



Seven gold medals awarded on the second day of 2017 European Youth Olympic Winter Festival.