Erzurum one of the most important sports center of Europe prove itself many times before with many international organizations. The city which includes all the investments that Youth and Sports Ministry done, will host future champions at EYOF 2017.

Özden inspected the venues which will be used for EYOF 2017 said that Governorship, police department, gendarmerie took all the precautions in every sense and there is no security vulnerability and added “We have made all the preparations for providing security for our children from abroad and our guests as how we protect our children.

Özden gave information about the opening ceremony which will take place 12th February, Sunday at Kazım Karabekir Stadium and added “We are following all the preparations there. We are inviting all the people of Erzurum and hope that we will pass nice sports week.”

Baykan reminded that Turkey was going to host EYOF 2019 but with the request of Bosni-Herzegovina, they took responsibility of EYOF 2017. He also said that Erzurum is ready for the organization in every sense. Baykan also reminded that young people from all around the Europe aging from 14 to 18 will come and added “We will make this organization with most colourful and influential way. From the Universiad 2011 on, the constructed venues brought many things in both touristic and sportive ways to this city.”

Özden and Baykan inspected the current situations at Kazım Karabekir Stadium where the opening ceremony will be held in, also made the last checks at the other venues where the competitions will be. Özden and Kamuran visited the Erzurum Governorship after the inspections.

Preparation process is completed in full with the support of the Youth and Sports Ministry as every international sports events in Turkey like EYOF 2017 Erzurum.



Deputy secretary Kamuran Özden and Director General of Sports Mehmet Baykan visited the city while two days remaining for the 13th European Youth Olympic Winter Festival which Turkey will host from 11 to 18 February.