Erkoç Koray Doğan, who is a specialist on athletes’ psychology at the Turkey Olympic Preparation Center in Erzurum, talked about the importance of the mental training for the European Youth Olympic Winter Festival.

Doğan said that as the competition comes closer they focus on those events and added: “We usually do group trainings but before the events, we focus on individual trainings. Because all the athletes have different psychological needs.”

 “Before, during and after the EYOF selection process, athletes experience some different psychological situations. During this process their expectations, excitements and reactions are different. Right now, selected athletes have a positive feelings but this will also bring expectations and pressure. We working with them to beat this pressure.

Doğan said that every sports require a different approach and psychological needs of a curling are not same compare to a snowboarder. He also talked about importance of the psychological training.

Less stress better performance

Doğan lastly said that all the participating athletes must be happy for themselves first and recommended they should enjoy the moment.

“During the EYOF, of course they need to do their best but they should also enjoy what they are doing. More they enjoy, more they will be relaxed and it will be positive moment for them. Their success will depend their stress level. If they get more stressful this will be an obstacle for them.”



Turkish athletes are training both mentally and physically for the upcoming European Youth Olympic Winter Festival.