Five of the medals, which went to their owners in the category of boys and girls in six different sports at the third day of EYOF 2017, went to Russia. Russia became the country which had the most medallist athletes on the podium.

Here are the medallist of the third day of the festival:

Biathlon 10 km. Pursuit (Boys)

  1. 1-Thomas Briffaz (France)
  2. 2-Jason Drezet (France)
  3. 3-Andrei Viukhin (Russia)

Biathlon 10 km Pursuit (Girls)

  1. 1-Anna Grigoreva  (Russia)
  2. 2-Anastasia Shevchnko  (Russia)
  3. 3-Camille Bened (France)

Short Track Speed Skating 1500 m (Boys)

  1. Peter Murphy (Luxemburg)
  2. Konstantin Ivliev (Russia)
  3. Spechenhauser Luca (Italy)

Short Track Speed Skating1500 m (Girls)

  1. Vera Rasskazova (Russia)
  2. Soyfa Boytsova (Russia)
  3. Melissa Tunno (Italy)

Alpine Skiing Slalom Run (Kızlar)

  1. Nika Tomsic (Slovenia)
  2. Nella Korpio (Finland)
  3. Lara Della Mea (Italy)

Figure Skating (Boys)

  1. Petr Gumennik (Russia)
  2. Daniel Grassl (Italy)
  3. Nika Egadze (Georgia)

Figure Skating (Girls)

  1. Alina Zagitova (Russia)
  2. Anastasia Gozhva (Ukraine)
  3. Lucrezia Gennaro (Italy)

Snowboard Cross Final Run (Boys)

  1. Lucas Cornillat (France)
  2. Glib Mostovenko (Ukraine)
  3. Daniil Donskikh (Russia)

Snowboard Cross Final Run (Girls)

  1. 1-Agathe Sillieres (Russia)
  2. 2-Kim Martinez (France)
  3. 3-Ellie Soutter (Great Britain)



On the third day of 2017 European Youth Olympic Winter Festival, athletes who competed intensely got their medals at the end of the day.