Firstly, volunteer students gathered at bus stations in Athletes’ Village for rehearsal under the supervision of European Olympic Committee Director Katerina Nycova, Ceremonies Director Ahmet Dal and Volunteers Director Levent Önal. Ten peopled groups as representatives of related countries’ athletes with placards written the names of participant countries are taken to Kazım Karabekir Stadium by bus. Volunteers who took the place of the countries that they represents in tribunes, then again taken to Athletes’ Village by bus. Volunteers who are given their accreditation cards after the rehearsal, came together with the EYOF directors at lunch.

EYOF Volunteers Director Levent Önal made a speech to the volunteers and thanked to students for being a volunteer.
European Olympic Committees EYOF Director Katerina Nycova who was invited to the rostrum said that “Accomplishing that much important works as a team within a limited span of time is hard work but I hope that everything is going in a good shape. You will complete this work successfully and strengthen the team spirit.” 




Preparations are continueing to progress for European Youth Olympic Winter Festival which will take place between the dates from 11 to 18 February in Erzurum.