Ayşe Burçe Çetin made the first application at speed skating to the ‘Be Champion’ Project which started within EYOF 2017 Erzurum is one of the important centers for winter sports of Europe, hosted by Erzurum.

Project Coodinator İrfan Kurudirek presented a plaquet to Çetin the future champion who made the first application to the project. Kurudirek stated that within the scope of the project there are 920 future champions applicant in nine sports and added “In our project which we started it with Ministery of Youth and Sports’ contributions, our goal is to make the children the future champions who will watch the champions of today. The Children who watched champions at the tribunes with excitement in 25th Winter Universiade hosted by Turkey are grown-ups now and they will sweat to be a champion at EYOF. Our current target is to make the children who will watch EYOF the future champions. Our goverment invested in Erzurum so much for winter sports. We have started off with the slogan “your city, your facility, be champion!” and we hope that our city will be mentioned with its champions.”

Ayşe Burçe Çetin who is given her report card by Karbeyaz stated that she will work hard in order to be a future champion.



Colourful mascot of European Youth Olympic Festival hands out report cards to future champions who started their semester break.