EOC Acting President Janez Kocijančič arrived in Erzurum for the 13th European Youth Olympic Winter Festival. Kocijančič talked about the importance of EYOF 2017 Erzurum for Turkey’s progress in winter sports.

Kocijančič who visited the competition venues of EYOF 2017 Erzurum said he was informed by his colleagues about the facilities in Erzurum. “I am impressed by the beauty of the city, slopes and arenas. I have been told by the colleagues who were here for the Winter Universiade 2011 and some who were involved in the preparations of ski jumping hills, how excellent facilities and how good organizers you have.”  

EOC Acting President also talked about how important EYOF is for the young athletes. “It’s like factory of young Olympians. Many of those who win medals at EYOF, they win medals at real Olympic games. It’s like a school for the Olympics”

“I’m very impressed by the progress of Turkish sports.” Kocijančič said when asked about Turkey’s progression in winter sports and added: “Turkish has to use its excellent winter sport possibilities. Step by step, Turkey will join the most developed nations in winter sports and achieve splendid results.”

 “Turkey will organize an excellent event”

Kocijančič also talked about his expectations from EYOF 2017 Erzurum.

“I think Turkey will organize an excellent organisation. Hopefully, best athletes will win and among them, there will be Turkish athletes. But in principle, our idea is to maintain leading position of our continent in international sports. Europe represents maybe eight percent of world population and we are winning more than half of the medals at Olympics.”

Lastly, Kocijančič talked Turkey’s chance to host the Olympics.

“It depends on you. Turkey needs certain developments. Turkey started with organisations that are already Olympic organisations but not of that size. But slowly, you’ll come up.”



“I am impressed by the beauty of city and venues. I think that Turkey will organize an excellent event.”