Poland achieved a great comeback against Turkey at Erzurum Curling Arena. Even though they couldn’t score until the end of the fifth end. Then, Poland did not give any chance to make a score and ended the match with the score of 7-6 and got their first win at EYOF 2017 Erzurum.

After the game, both teams’ captains evaluated the match.

Captain of the Poland team stated that this returning is a surprise for them and added “To be honest this was an unexpected performance because we did not deserve to win today.”

Turkish team captain Mihriban Polat draw attention to that after the break they could not improve their performance after the break and added “We mixed the things up. We couldn’t win it. We should have been more serious toward the end but we weren’t. There is still a chance, nothing has finished yet. We can be the champions.”

Norway and Turkey’s B team competed in the second match of the day. Norway started the game well and ended the fourth end with the score of 5-2 but in following ends when Norway’s performance decreased. Turkey used this opportunity, made 5 scores and forged ahead with the score of 7-5. In the 8th end, Norway scored two points and the winner revealed after the tie-breaker.

Norway sent the stone to the center at the tiebreaker and became the winner of the match with the score of 8-7



The second day of the 2017 European Youth Olympic Winter Festival started with the Poland’s comeback performance.