Turkish national team is getting ready for the EYOF 2017 in Erzurum, one of Europe’s most important sports cities. Muhammed Ali Bedir is one of them and he is the Turkey’s only ski jumper that will participate at EYOF 2017. Bedir continues to train for the upcoming organisation. Bedir, who’s practicing at one of the most exciting sports, talked about his excitement before the EYOF 2017.

Bedir has been a ski jumper for the last nine years and he didn’t hesitate to say he wants a successful result: “I have big dreams and big goals. I’ll be trying to reach them.” Bedir also talked about what makes ski jumping different comparing to other winter sports. He said that ski jumping requires special training and added: “We fly like a bird and this is what makes us unique. When you are flying, you focus on your technique and you don’t think about anything else. This feeling sets you free.” 

Muhammed Ali Bedir represented Turkey our country at various international events including Youth Olympic Games in Norway and states that he looks forward to the EYOF 2017: “Turkey has never won a medal in ski jumping and now, in our country, we want to get a successful result.”

 “I’m not just representing myself, I’m representing my national team”

Bedir said that he’s proud because he’s the only ski jumper that representing Turkey at EYOF 2017. But he also knows that there’s a chip on his shoulder: “But I’m more honoured than I’m nervous. Because I’m the only ski jumper that representing Turkey and all eyes will be on me. I can’t find the words to describe this feeling. I’m not just representing myself, I’m representing my national team and I will show how much the ski jumping improved in Turkey. I know that my opponents are very strong but I won’t make it easy for them because I will be racing in front of my home crowd. With their support, I want to be on the podium. But hopefully, I can be the champion.”

“Erzurum deserves to host this event”

Bedir also said that training abroad and participating at international events as part of his preparation for EYOF 2017 and added: “It’s a nice feeling jump on your own country and hills. Erzurum’s new ski jumping hills built from scratch. And now they are in great condition. EYOF is a great opportunity for Erzurum’s publicity. City deserved to host this event. Now it’s time to get successful results.”

Muhammed Ali Bedir also stated that his main goal is to represent Turkey at the World Championship and added: “First, I want to make Turkey to know more about the ski jumping. And then, I want to be an Olympian and won medals. And finally, I want to make sure Turkey plays a bigger role in winter sports.” 



European Youth Winter Olympic Festival will take place in Erzurum, Turkey on Fabruary 11-18. 16 years old Muhammed Ali Bedir will be the host country’s only ski jumper at EYOF 2017. Bedir knows how important his role will be but he’s also proud about the fact he has a chance to make history. He also talked about what makes ski jumping an unique sport.