Medical crew is ready for the athletes who came from many countries for European Youth Olympic Winter Festival 2017. Health and Anti-Doping Director Dr.Gürsel Bedir told the preparations that Health Directorship.

Bedir stated that EYOF Hospital is ready after spending many working hours for three months and added “EYOF hospital is Regional Training and Research Hospital constructed recently. We have prepared a policlinic within the emergency service close to the red zone only for athletes. We have ten beds and one suit room. We will open our clinic right after the first group of athletes’ arrival. First athlete group will arrive on 9th of February. But we will open the clinic on 7th of February. Our services will continue until 19th of this month.”

Dr. Bedir mentioned the number of medical staff on field and added 54 doctors, 135 medical staff, 48 volunteers, 20 food controller and also 12 doping control personnel will be working during the festival.

 “Our work is easy at ice rinks but at the tracks it is not”

Bedir stated that their work at ice rinks is easier than tracks:

If any accident occurs at ice rinks, it is easier to get them to the medical rooms than the tracks. Especially alpine and snowboard hills are longer, so we had to take special precautions for them. We have established skimobile medical team at the beginning, mid and last point of the tracks. We have 8 doctors who know how to ski well within our team in Erzurum. We have also requested medical staff who knows skiing well from Istanbul, Bolu, Erzincan and Kayseri. Approximately 14 people will come from these towns. There will be a team of 22 people who knows skiing will be working at the organization.

 “We have constituted 5 main doping control rooms”

Dr. Gürsel Bedir stated that doping is a huge problem in today’s world:

 “Beside sports, doping is also bad in the terms of health. The children in the tournament ranging in age from 14 to 17 are at growing stage. Doping must be permitted. So, we have constituted 5 main control rooms. Our main center is at Sway Otel which will host the alpine skiing races. All doping test samples will be brought to there. There will also be one doping room each in Kandilli, Ice Hockey Arena, ski jumping hills, figure skating arena. Total of 26 people will work at the anti-doping department.  



Medical staff who will work at European Olympic Winter Festival completed their preparations. Health and Anti-doping Director Dr. Gürsel Bedir, emphasized that their vision is to give fastest, optimum and best services at competitions and EYOF Medical team is ready to the core for the festival.