Thanks to Muhammet Polat, Turkey was represented in snowboarding for the first time at the EYOF 2015. Polat talked how important EYOF was for him and added: “Before the EYOF, I competed at an international event in Austria but that wasn’t big or exciting as EYOF.”

“I felt it as soon as the race started”

Polat said that people will expect more from the athletes who will participate at the EYOF 2017 in Erzurum and added: “Excitement is a huge part of this sport but it can also cause mistakes. EYOF will take place in Turkey and this will be a advantage for Turkish athletes. And thanks to the event, winter sports will be known by more people. Your family and friends will be able to watch you more closely.

 “Everything was great”

Polat also said that Turkey is progressing in terms of winter sports and added “This is not just because of coaches and athletes, facilities also have a role in this. Because, we didn’t have this much opportunities to train Erzurum before the Turkish Olympic Preparation Centers.”

Lastly, Polat who represented Turkey in snowboard cross at the EYOF 2017, talked about his experience: “Whatever the result was, everything was great and it was a great experience. My goal is to win a medal at the World Cup and stay on that level.”



European Youth Winter Olympic Festival is an opportunity for young athletes around the continent. Muhammet Polat was one those athletes who used this opportunity.