Assistant U National Ice Hockey team coach Nevzat Altun emphasized the organization which will be held in Erzurum and added “We started to camp one month before for the organization, festival’s being held in Erzurum is a great opportunity for us. We have been working with the children at the youth setup. EYOF is a chance for us, we will represent our country well by using that chance.”

“We have come a long way in some cases”

Nevzat Altun stated that hosting the organization in Turkey is a great advantage and added “We will compete against top countries. This sport has been doing for a long time in other countries that is the why we are behind. But we have come a long way in some cases. In order to prove ourselves, we will do the best that we can do and compete.”

 “Comparing with the past, we are in a good shape”

Assistant coach Nevzat Altun said about the development process of our country in ice hockey that “Comparing with the past, we are in a good shape. But we have a long way ahead us. In this process, we have invested much in youth setup with the support of our Federation President and the Minister. We have done any straight domestic camps but we have done also abroad camps. We have expat athletes we are reaching them. 5-6 of them are at EYOF now. We have some teammates from Canada and Sweden. They also will compete with their teammates shoulder to shoulder and represent our country.”

 “Our only goal is to represent our country in the best way”

Abdulkerim Çintımar stated that he started working two years before “Our works are continuing for EYOF right now. We are carrying on with the domestic and abroad works for two years. As coach Nevzat said; Comparing with European countries our children are novice and despite that fact their motivations are very high. They feel themselves very fine. We, as the foreign coaches, our federation and our ministry are all supporting very much. We believe that we are going to represent our city and country in the best way. As a result of all these supports. Our only goal is to represent our country in the best way.”

 “Youth Setup is very important for our federation”

Çintımar emphasized that %70 of the athletes are children from Erzurum at U18, U20, women and men. In order to make the children interested in this sport, our parents should make an effort. We were at Helsinki two days before. Many children were playing hockey. Now our city should be like that.”



National Ice Hockey Team assistant coaches Nevzat Altun and Abdulkerim Çintımar stated that EYOF is a good opportunity for athletes and we want to benefit that in a good way.