Turkey which for the first time will host European Youth Olympic Winter Festival which biennially organized by European Olympic Committee (EOC) completed most of the preparations as we count down the days for the EYOF. Fatih Kıyıcı who is winter sports director at EYOF 2017 taking place 11 to 18 February in Erzurum rising winter sports center of Europe said that “EYOF is not only an advertisement for Turkey but also an opportunity to be in a higher level.”

EYOF’s Winter Sports Director Fatih Kıyıcı who is a former national athlete and also the Vice President of Turkish Ski Federation stated that ski jumping has a long history in Erzurum and added “Ski Jumping Hills is a perfect facility which was constructed for Universiade 2011. If there was a ranking, I bet this facility would be in top three. Of course the organizations that we will arrange will be in that standards.

“A Young Generation is Growing Up and We Have to Trust Them”

Fatih Kıyıcı stated that the athletes who will represent Turkey at winter sports at EYOF 2017 are preparing strictly and added “Turkey made a great progress for both facilities and possibilities that athletes will use. Although the facilities in Europe are busier, our facilities are more advanced in terms of modernity. Its advantage will be seen in following organizations. Because a very young generation is growing up. We have to trust that generation. If we believe in them and prepare training environments for them with that confidence, I believe good results will come up in following years.”

 “EYOF is a Competition For Us to be in Higher Level”

Kıyıcı remarks that Erzurum is known in world and Europe and added “We went many international competitions and people in that places asked that where you came from. We know that when topic is skiing, Erzurum comes to minds of %70, %80 of the people. Erzurum is known and recognized for winter sports tourism in world and Europe. Especially the facilities and their closeness to each other offer a compact package. The ones who came to compete know that well. The people who did not, know that what they heard from the ones that competed in here before. It will be noticed with competitions but EYOF is not an advertisement for us, it is an opportunity to be in higher level”

 “Our Athletes Will Shape the Future”

Fatih Kıyıcı stated that athletes competing at European Youth Olympic Winter Festival 2017, will start their Olympic career in Erzurum, after that organization the athletes will go to Youth Olympic Games and Winter Olympics.

Kıyıcı emphasized that EYOF 2017 Erzurum is an opportunity for the Turkish athletes to shape their career and added “This is an opportunity for us. Our athletes will compete with the best athletes of the world. Our athletes will get the chance to train, compete with best athletes of the world and will set their goals based on them. In this regard we have to evaluate it well.”

 “We Will Feel The Advantage of Being Host”

Fatih Kıyıcı stated that organization’s being held in our country is an advantage for our athletes and added “We always train and set competitions at that facilities. In that term, our athletes will have no hesitation. This is a great advantage for both our athletes and coaches. For this reason, we will definitely feel the advantage of being host. People should come Erzurum and support our children. In order to show them how Turkey Republic and its people approach to people, we should display endearment to the athletes from guest countries and to their coaches. Hereby, we will host other organizations more easily in a better way in our country.”




European Youth Olympic Winter Sports Director Fatih Kıyıcı emphasized that the organization is not only a promotion for Turkey but also an opportunity to be at a higher level.