The preparations for European Youth Olympic Festival (EYOF) 2017 which Turkey will host for the first time are completed now. Athletes ranging between the ages from 14 to 18 will compete in nine different sports in the organization in Erzurum one of the important sports center.

Turkey’s Ice Hockey National Team is in the B Group with Byelorussia and Slovakia at the organization taking place from 11 to 18 February. Finn head coach Vesa Viitakoski said that they are completing their preparations and he thinks that they will do great.

Ice Hockey National Team head coach Viitakoski who has a long past in Ice Hockey League as a player in his career said that “Preparations are pretty good. We had good camp two weeks in Ankara. Then we went to Finland, we had three exhibition games. Now it’s the last week of the camp here before the EYOF. We still missing couple player from our roster but I think we will doing pretty good.”

Viitakoski emphasized that EYOF is an opportunity for Turkey’s Ice Hockey sport to develop and added “This is a situation for them to see the best European players will be. There might be some upsets that difference between for example Russia and Turkey’s team, it is really big but at least they know where the best teams are going and so they will get the idea what they will have to practice. I think this really good for all the players who will be in the tournament. You cannot really compare Turkey’s hockey with Europe but I hope we can develop Turkey’s hockey. EYOF is one part of that”

“It is a proud to participate in EYOF” 

Athletes of the National Ice Hockey Team stated that they are proud and happy to represent Turkey in the organization taking place in Erzurum.

National ice hockey player Hakan Özbil stated that he started sport by a chance with the guidance of his elder brother’s friend and added “This is something beautiful and rare. It is an honour to represent our country in this organization. We are carrying the national arm, not everyone has that chance.”

Eren Gökçen one of the national players draw attention to that he started ice hockey as a hobby but in time he liked it so much and his eagerness is up going. Also said that “Our preparations are going well. We are trying to do what we can do best. We will represent our country in the best way. 





Finn Vesa Viitakoski played in ice hockey league many years and has many achievements in his career stated that EYOF 2017 is important for athletes to improve themselves.