The conference took place at Snow Dora Hotel in Palandöken and EOC Acting President Janez Kocijančič, Vice President of Turkish National Olympic Committee and Board Member of EOC Hasan Arat, General Coordinator of EYOF 2017 Erzurum Necati Kaplan, EOC Secretary General Raffaele Pagnozzi and EYOWF Coordination Commission President Liney Halldorsdottir were among the participants.

“Turkey did a good job”

Janez Kocijančič said that Turkey did a good job with 2017 European on short notice and added: “European Youth Olympic Winter Festival is an important organisation and Turkey did great job in such a short time.” He also talked about the importance of EYOF for the young athletes: “This is an important experience for young athletes and it’ll be their first experience.”

“Our children dreamt of a future”

EOC Board Member and Vice President of Turkish National Olympic Committee Hasan Arat made a general speech about the EYOF 2017 Erzurum: “After the 2011 Winter Universiade, our children had a dream for the future. Those children now will represent us at EYOF 2017 Erzurum. We thank to the Ministry of Youth and Sports Akif Çağatay Kılıç, Mayor and Governor for making those dream come true. We also want to thank Janez Kocijančič who always trusted to Erzurum and Turkey. “

"I believe we will do the best organization of last years”

General Coordinator of EYOF 2017 Erzurum Necati Kaplan said that in order to organize the 13th European Youth Olympic Winter Festival, they had very limited time ahead and in that period, reconstruction of the ski jumping hills also started, those struggling days have passed without a problem.

Necati Kaplan said that “We, as the Youth and Sports Ministry, Erzurum Governorship, municipality and the university worked rapidly.” And added:

“We have passed the preparation stage rapidly with 15 directorships in total and one sub-division. Intense preparation process about transportation services, opening and closing ceremonies, athletes’ village, accommodation, preparations of the venues, infrastructure of IT, health and anti-doping, security have completed. While we are doing that, we received the serious supports from the European Olympic Committee Coordination commission members. From yesterday except Italy teams arrived in Erzurum and settled in Athletes’ Village successfully without a problem. First Chef de Missions meeting was today. We have organized all the training in nine different sports today. Transportation services for the training sessions completed without a problem. We care so much about the EYOF. The best athletes ranging between the ages from 14 to 18 is in Erzurum now. I hope, Europe’s stars will shine in Erzurum from tomorrow as in our slogan. I wish all the countries’ athletes. We thank to the Olympic Committees of 34 countries which came here and their countries for trusting our country and believing in us.

Pagnozzi: Erzurum will pass into history

Secretary General of European Olympic Committees Raffaele Pagnozzi emphasized Erzurum will pass into history in his short speech and added “I would like to add few words to the others’ speeches. I can say that it will be very good organization after what I saw yesterday and today. I am sure that Erzurum Erzurum will organize EYOF in the best way and will pass into history.”

Halldorsdottir: You have accomplished very good job

Coordination Commission President of EYOF 2017 Liney Halldorsdottir stated that Turkey has accomplished a good job and added “Today is the day that we have opened the European Youth Olympic Winter Festival here. This is very pleasing, we have been waiting this day for a long time. The last two years have passed strictly in terms of organizations. The preparation for this event completed in an incredibly short time of span as other speakers told. Normally, preparing for this kind organizations take at least 4 years but it is prepared within two years. And I have to say that you have accomplished very good job.



2017 European Youth Olympic Winter Festival’s first press conference was held before the Opening Ceremony.