EOC Secratary Geneal Rafaelle Pagnozzi, EYOF Coordination Commision Chair Liney Halldorsdottir and General Coordinator EYOF 2017 Erzurum Necati Kaplan were present at the conference.

Pagnozzi talked about the success of the organisation and added: “I said that EYOF 2017 Erzurum was going to be the best Winter EYOF. I want to thank all the authorities because we found great sport facilities here. It really was a successful event. I want to come again to Erzurum, maybe this time for a winter Olympic Games.  I believe that Erzurum can Olympic Games.

Halldorsdottir: You can be proud about this organisation.

EYOF Coordination Commission Chair Line Halldorsttir also emphasized on EYOF 2017 Erzurum’s success. “Organisation committee worked day and night for this event and they were very successful. I talked with young athletes and other participants and they are very happy with organisation. EYOF is the first big event of most the participant athletes and they will always remember this event. I want to everybody who worked for this event and especially to Necati Kaplan. I believe that this festival will inspire lots of children in Erzurum and around Turkey. This will be huge opportunity for Erzurum and Turkey. I leave Erzurum with great memories. You can be proud about this festival.”

Aran: It was a successful event

Turkish National Olympic Committee’s Board Member Perviz Aran talked about his involvement with the organisation. “As you all know, Winter EYOF 2019 and Winter EYOF 2017 Erzurum traded with approve of our government and IOC. So we didn’t have to chance observe previous event because Bosnia Herzegovina was going to host EYOF 2017. But we managed to organise a successful event. I participated various and I can say I haven’t seen such a successful event. We have great venues. Hotels and Athletes’ Village are also in a good condition. 34 countries are here and someone said at dinner last night that countries that aren’t here must be sorry about their decision. Winter sports weren’t so popular in our country. Despite this, our government is building new facilities in recent years. I also want to thank people of Erzurum and everybody who helped this event.

Kaplan: 1311 participants

General Coordinator of EYOF 2017 Erzurum thanked to all the speaker and made the following statement:

 “675 athletes participated EYOF 2017 Erzurum. Chefs de Mission, coaches and technical stuff is total of 436 people. Besides that, we had 120 VIP guests including EOC Acting President. With the total of 80 delegate and commissioners were here in Erzurum which makes total of 1311 participants. More than 10 thousand people watched opening ceremony. There were 38 medal ceremonies. We awarded more than 100 medals. We are happy that there weren’t any injuries. EOC’s positive comments make me and the 1200 people who helped this organisation very happy. We want to thank them for their support.

I want to thank our media department. They worked very hard. We saw lots of EYOF related news in local and national press. EYOF’S own media crew also worked hard. Our crew media made video about Hazar Karagöl who were watching short track at 2011 Universiade. This was the reason he started doing this sport. Today, he won silver medal. This made us proud. We hope that lots of young athletes will dream thanks to EYOF. I want to thank to our Ministry of Youth and Sports, Mayor, Governor, Atatürk University, press, people of Erzurum, our 15 directors, federations, volunteers and especially our police and soldiers who protected every participants.”



As the EYOF 2017 Erzurum ends, ultimate press conference of the event took place. Speakers empahasized on EYOF 2017 Erzurum’s success.


17/02/2017 20:20