Various countries’ ambassadors and embassy representatives who came to Erzurum in order to inspect the preparations and the facilities of European Youth Olympic Festival (EYOF 2017) which will take place from 11 to 18 February hosting by Turkey by Youth and Sports Ministry’s invitation gave full marks.

While 20 of the participant countries’ ambassadors and the representatives inspecting the facilities in the city, Turkey’s Director General of Sports Mehmet Baykan, Deputy Governor of Erzurum Ayhan Terzi, International Organizations Office of Youth and Sports Ministry Director Hayrullah Ozan Çetiner, General Coordinator Necati Kaplan, Youth and Sports Provincial Director of Youth and Sports Fuat Taşkesenligil, Directors of EYOF and organization’s executive chiefs accompanied them.

Guest ambassadors and Turkish officials made a meeting after the inspection of venues in a hotel in the city.

Turkey’s Director General of Sports Mehmet Baykan who attained the meeting, emphasized in the meeting that they will witness European countries’ athletes, ranging in age from 14 to 18, coming to Erzurum with a smile on their face soon.

Baykan told that they describe Erzurum as “Turkey’s peak point” to the guest ambassadors. We are having the moment of being with our friends in that peak point. We desire to show our guest ambassadors the place where their children will come to compete at a place which sports mean friendship and brotherhood.

Baykan stated that although snowboard and winter sports exist in the history of this city, many venues were constructed in Turkey for Universiad 2011.

Baykan stated he would like to say an expression that sports world knows well:

 “There is an expression like “Olympic heritage”. After Universiad, in order to make the venues’, which was constructed in Erzurum and considered as Olympic heritage, activity continue many international organization and European Championships was organized. After all these organizations, Turkey applied for EYOF”

"Ambassadors are all satisfied”

General Coordinator of EYOF 2017 Necati Kaplan showed countries’ ambassadors and their representatives around in Erzurum.

Kaplan stated that the ambassadors are all satisfied with the preparations and added “The impression that I get from the ambassadors of the countries like Slovenia, Norway where the skiing culture is rich. They find everything spectacular and are amazed. Most of the ambassadors are taken photos at every venues we went.

Necati Kaplan stated they watched the competitions at ski jumping hills in the city with the ambassadors and completed his words with these:

 “We watched the athletes’ jumping lively at our jumping hills which is one the best ski jumping hills of the world. When I met with the ambassador one-to-one, they stated that they are all satisfied with the venues, the preparations for the organization and the security issues and they find the briefings so satisfying. Hopefully, we will light our torch at opening ceremony on 12th February, Sunday.”




European Union’s ambassadors and embassy representatives working in Turkey have made a tour in Erzurum which will host European Youth Olympic Winter Festival.