French athlete Thomas Briffaz, who completed the Boys' 7.5km Sprint on 4th place yesterday, missed two shots  but he managed complete the race with the time of 28:45.9 and took the first place. Jason Drezet, his compatriot, followed Briffaz and completed the race 3 seconds behind.

Andrei Viukhin who completed the competition just after two split second than Drezet took the third place.

The winning names of Girls' 7.5km Pursuit competition, which was held in Kandilli Nordic Ski Center EYOF 2017 Erzurum, are revealed

Anna Grigoreva of Russia, who missed 3 shots in total, took the first place with the time of 24:45.8 and her compatriot Anastasia Shevchenko took the second place with the time of 25:22.9.

The winner of the yesterday’s competition French biathlete Camille Bened took the third place.

Short Track

Gold medals found their owners in girls’ side after the competitions at Skating Arena. Vera Rasskazova won the race after a struggling competition between two Russian athletes. The silver medal went to Sofya Boytsova and Meliisa Tunno of Italy took the third place in the race.

The accidents left its mark in the boys’ competition. Two accidents occurred in the final which 7 athletes competed but Peter Murphy of Luxemburg won the race in the first place. Konstantin Ivliev from Russia took the second place and the name who filled the podium was Luca Spechenhauser of Italy. Four athletes stayed on the ground in the accidents.

Alpine Skiing

EYOF 2017 Erzurum saw some exciting girls’ slalom race on the second day of organisation. Slovenian athlete Nika Tomsic was the gold medallist after this exciting race.

Tomsic had a total time of 1:48.64. Finnish athlete Nelle Korpio followed her behind less than a second with a time of 1:48.85. Italian Lara Della Mea was in third place with 1:49.04.  

Sıla Kara had the Turkey’s best result in girls’ slalom and she finished the race 34th place. Lara Pelin Tamer followed her behind two places. Tayra Tunca finihes the race in 39th place and unfortunately, Dila Çıkmak couldn’t finish the race.


The excitement of the curling competitions of the European Youth Olympic Winter Festival are continuing at full tilt. Third day’s girls’ competitions are completed at Curling Arena.

Girls’ curling competition started at 13.00 local time. The competition between Turkish A and B teams ended with the victory of A team. A team surpassed at the end of the fourth end with the score of 7-1 and gained lopsided victory with 11-2.

The Norway and Russia match-up was breath-taking. Norway couldn’t not sustain the advantage of the 4-1 score which they scored at the end of the fourth end. Russia squared the scores with 2 points at the fifth end and 1 point at the sixth end. Then at the seventh end Russia gained 1 point and at the eighth end they scored 3 points more. So, Russia won the match with the score of 8-4.

Figure Skating

Zagitova, who performed in short programme, took the first place. Her performance was accompanied by Leon Minkus’ song ‘Don Quixote’ and she collected 128.76 points from the jury. Zagitova collected 187.06 points in total, took the first place and left the EYOF 2017 Erzurum with the gold medal.

Ukrainian Anastasia Gozhva took the second place in the short programme with the points of 49.78, completed her performance with the company of Lloyd Webber’s song ‘Cats’. 15yr old Ukrainian skater collected 77.40 points and 127.18 in total and won the silver medal.

Lucrezia Gennaro of Italy who completed the competition in the fourth place with the points of 43.67 in the short programme, finalized his performance in the free skating with the theme of 007 James Bond and completed the day. 15yr old skater took the bronze medal with 125.53 points in total.

Ekin Saygı represented Turkey in girls’ side at EYOF 2017, completed the organization in the 17th place.



Third day’s competition have ended at European Youth Olympic Winter Festival.