8 athletes who will represent Turkey at the festival are preparing for EYOF with both abroad and domestic training camps under the guidance of their coaches Aleksandr Averin, Cemalettin Budak and Elif Belice.

Turkish Cross Country Skiing National Team coach Cemalettin Budak stated that “The competitions that was held at Kandilli Skiing Center before EYOF 2017 Erzurum is like test events for our athletes. Our athletes compete as they like at that competitions. We prepared our team properly according to program for almost a year with both abroad and domestic camps. I believe that we will accomplish successful competitions with the advantage of being host.”

“There aren’t so many tracks on this level elsewhere”

Cross Country Skiing National Team Elif Belice stated that young athletes who will come to Turkey from Europe are quite successful because they have the chance to train for a large part of the year but we are closing the gap with camp programmes and hard work-outs. Belice stated there will not be a big gap between Turkey and other countries and draw attention to the fact that EYOF’s being hosted in Turkey is a great advantage for athletes and added “Our tracks are on Olympic levels and they are so good comparing our tracks in other countries’ “

Budak draw attention to that venues’ increasing in number in Turkey gained speed and added “New places for winter sports are developed and new areas are discovered in our country. Ministry of Youth and Sports gives importance to winter sports and a leap forward occurred. If this continues like that, I think people’s getting aware of and interested in that sport will be faster.

“I am an ambitious person and I don’t give up easily”

Ayşe Duman who will play for Turkey at EYOF 2017 Erzurum stated that:

 “I started cross country at the age of 12 with the encouragement of my teachers and my family supported me because I really want to do this sport. I am an ambitious person and do not give up easily and push myself hard to gain success. We are working with more faith and more effort. The most satisfying thing to do this sport is competing for my flag, nation and my country. My idol in this sport is former cross country athlete Kerime Çetinkaya who competed for four times at Olympics”

“I want to be the first in Turkey”

Tarık Aydın who will be one of the athletes that will represent Turkey in the category of boys at the competitions, wants to do cross country in Erzurum, which he came from Kars to study, and wants to be the first in Turkey.

 “My elder sister is a cross country athlete and I started with her advices. I was very happy, when I learnt that I will compete at EYOF and now I want to be the first in Turkey. I aimed to add on her success and be more successful by following in my elder sister Kerime Çetinkaya’s footsteps. I believe that volunteering and being self-confidence will bring success. I am doing that sport ambitiously too. I want to gain success by standing out in the best way.




As we count down the days for 13th European Youth Olympic Winter Festival, Turkey’s representatives have come to the last stage of preparations. Turkey’s cross country skiing team for EYOF is continuing their preparations at Kandilli Nordic Center which will host the competitions at EYOF 2017 Erzurum.