The excitement of the curling competitions of the European Youth Olympic Winter Festival are continuing at full tilt. Third day’s girls’ competitions are completed at Curling Arena.

Girls’ curling competition started at 13.00 local time. The competition between Turkish A and B teams ended with the victory of A team. A team surpassed at the end of the fourth end with the score of 7-1 and gained lopsided victory with 11-2.

Comeback from Russia

The Norway and Russia match-up was breath-taking. Norway couldn’t not sustain the advantage of the 4-1 score which they scored at the end of the fourth end. Russia squared the scores with 2 points at the fifth end and 1 point at the sixth end. Then at the seventh end Russia gained 1 point and at the eighth end they scored 3 points more. So, Russia won the match with the score of 8-4.



Spectacular comeback from Russia in Girls’ Curling competition left its mark to the day.