Erzurum, one of Europe’s most important winter sport cities, is counting down the days for EYOF 2017. Be Champion project which is a part of the 2017 European Youth Winter Olympic Festival’s publicity campaign, has started yesterday.

First events of the project took place at 50. Yıl Middle School and Şair Nefi Middle School in Erzurum. İlker Şafak, Be Champion Project coordinator, did a presentation about the European Youth Winter Olympic Festival and the winter sports.

Karbeyaz was one of the attendants

Karbeyaz, EYOF 2017 Erzurum’s official mascot, was also present at the schools.

This was the first time that students met with the festival’s official mascot and as expected, all eyes were on Karbeyaz.

About the Be Champion project

To make sure that EYOF 2017 will lead to the future achievements in sports, Be Champion project will visit at least 100 schools in Erzurum and will reach almost ten thousands students. The goal of this project is to find future champions in winter sports. 



Be Champion project has started as a part of the 2017 European Youth Winter Olympic Festival. During the first events, EYOF 2017’s official mascot Karbeyaz met with middle school students.