Zagitova, who performed in short programme, took the first place. Her performance was accompanied by Leon Minkus’ song ‘Don Quixote’ and she collected 128.76 points from the jury. Zagitova collected 187.06 points in total, took the first place and left the EYOF 2017 Erzurum with the gold medal.

Ukrainian Anastasia Gozhva took the second place in the short programme with the points of 49.78, completed her performance with the company of Lloyd Webber’s song ‘Cats’. 15yr old Ukrainian skater collected 77.40 points and 127.18 in total and won the silver medal.

Lucrezia Gennaro of Italy who completed the competition in the fourth place with the points of 43.67 in the short programme, finalized his performance in the free skating with the theme of 007 James Bond and completed the day. 15yr old skater took the bronze medal with 125.53 points in total.

Ekin Saygı took the 17th place

Ekin Saygı represented Turkey in girls’ side at EYOF 2017, completed the organization in the 17th place.

15yr old skater completed the short programme with 30.61 points on Monday, in free skating she collected 53.07 points with the company of Notre Dame Compilation and she finished in 17th place



Alina Zagitova of Russia took the first gold medal in girls’ figure skating at 2017 European Youth Olympic Winter Festival (EYOF).