As we count down the days for the EYOF 2017, which will take place in Erzurum, Turkish ski jumpers started training at the Erzurum Ski Jumping Hills.  

Infrastructure works which were started because of the collapse of hills that was the symbol of Erzurum have completed. Before the EYOF 2017, which will take place between the dates 11-18 February, Muhammed Ali Bedir and his teammates trained for the first time on the new hills.

“It’s an engineering marvel”

Muhammed Ali Bedir, Turkey’s only ski jumper at the EYOF 2017, talked about his first jump on Turkey’s only ski jumping hills.

Bedir reminded that he jumped on the old hills before they collapsed and added: “The hills are now in a better condition because everything is an engineering marvel. We are now jumping more confidently.”

“Time to show what we have learnt”

Bedir who stated that during the reconstruction of the hills, his performance is also improved. “I went to abroad during this period and had a chance to compare myself with my opponents. I jumped on their hills and gradually we are getting used to all kind of hills. Now, we are jumping on our hills and it is time to show what we have learnt.”

Bedir who stated that it is quite different to jump on the hills which became operational again after 919 days, said that: “We are jumping on a hill which was collapsed two years ago and reborn from its ashes. Our coaches and friends are with us and now they are waiting something from us. Now, we have to show them where we are.”

Bedir said that after this period, they are going to continue their trainings in Erzurum and besides going abroad for competitions, they now can find a chance to compete on their hills. And added: “We have not seen any hills like that. A hill at the centre of the city which includes that much technology inside and is within walking distance. It’s more than enough for the EYOF. This hills can even host the Olympics. We have really marvellous hills.”




Turkish Ski Jumping athlete Muhammed Ali Bedir said that “we are jumping on a hill which was collapsed two years ago and reborn from its ashes. The feeling of jumping is indescribable: Only the ones who jump can understand it.”